Degossypolized Cottonseed Protein (DGCSP) Production Process

The DGCSP production technology by soaked & repeated degossypolization owned by China-Leader Biotech is the most advanced process in China and the product DGCSP thus produced is of the highest nutritive level in China and most welcomed by feed industry and breeding industry.

The process is based on several self-owned invention patents and utility-model patents.

The process is briefly described as : after it is cleaned to remove impurities, black (delinted) cottonseed is decoraticated and screen-separated to get cottonseed kernel; de-oiled wet cottonseed meal is soaked in methanol of low concentration in another set of soaked and repeated extractor to remove gossypol, sugar and other anti-nutritional factors; degossypolized and de-sugared wet cottonseed meal is drained is off and then is removed from solvent in a newly patented extruder with moisture content in the resulted protein-containing cottonseed meal being less than 40%; the extruded protein –containing cottonseed meal is dehumidified and solvent removed in disc dryer and then, it goes to an original and unique humidifier (over which the Company has its intellectual property rights) to further recover residual solvent from meal and to reasonably regulate the moisture in the meal; Finally, DGCSP product is produced with little protein denaturation, high nutritive level and  moderate moisture.