Cottonseed Protein  

Cottonseed Protein is a type of quality protein, which is produced by low temperature degossypolization of its raw material cottonseed. It has the features of low fiber content, high metabolic energy and high lysine effective value. Cottonseed protein is a high-grade protein ingredient in animal feed with its free gossypol being equal with or less than 50ppm (HPLC), its crude protein content being above 50% and its ratio of total amino acids to crude protein being as high as more than 95% and in addition, its amino acid composition being very similar to ideal balanced protein pattern. At present, because of several of its nutritive index are better than soybean meal while its price is RMB 100-200 lower than soybean meal per ton, cottonseed protein has been widely used in livestock feed and aquatic feed to partially replace vegetable and animal proteins such as soybean meal, corn protein powder and fish powder. The table on right shows the protein test index of the cottonseed protein produced based on the process developed by China Leader Biological Science & Technology Co. Ltd. Test index of similar products produced by any other processes could not reach up to such level.