Features of Soaked & Repeated Degossypolized Process for Cottonseed Protein

  • Oil Extractor of Drag Chain Type.

  • Soaked & Repeated Degossypolization with Low Concentration of Methanol in 2 or 3 Extractors.

  • Solvent Removal By Extrusion Pressing Lightly Dried, Low Protein Denaturation.

  • 50~55 % Protein Content In Final Product.


Features of Soaked & Repeated Degossypolization Process

  • By using soaked & repeated degossypolization extractor, methanol and cottonseed  meal more fully contact each other to result in better degossypolization.

  • Deoiled wet cottonseed meal is washed with big quantity of low concentration and more quantity of anti-nutritional factors and various types of sugar are extracted out  to result in over 50% KOH protein solubility, high amino acid content, high digestion rate and higher nutrient level of final product.

  • Solvent removal by extrusion pressing decreases drying load, reduces protein denaturation and makes protein KOH solubility equal with or higher than 50%.  It could minimizes denatured gossypol content to result in high content of amino acid in cottonseed protein in high protein digestion rate.

  • The technology could raise the ratio of material  to solvent as to 1 (material) to 2 (solvent).

Features of Soaked & Repeated Degossypolization Equipments

  • Due to the fact that all oil is extracted by oil extractor, the selected extractor is more than twice bigger than the extractor for the same black cottonseed processing capacity. Besides, our production line uses two sets of such big extractor, one for oil extraction and one for gossypol removal. Consequently, the full set of equipment is more expensive.

  • Oil extraction and gossypol removal use their own specialized extractor to result in low oil residue in the meal, in better degossypolisation effect and more importantly, in removal of large quantity of anti-nutritional factors from the meal together with gossypol removal to ensure high nutrient level of cottonseed protein.


The DGCSP produced by ABOVE process has a quality standard being much higher than industrial standard and has the highest nutritional level with highest content of total amino acid, lysine, methionine, cystine etc. and with highest digestibility. It has been highly rated by feed industry.