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Patel Brothers is a Partnership firm established in 1905. Primarily a cotton trading firm acting as  agents, broker also dealt in Spot and Futures Markets. The partners were the first Indians to become members of the New York Cotton Exchange in 1910.


Subsequently, with the increase in the business Patel Cotton Co. Ltd. was formed, which took over the entire Cotton trading activities of the firm and grew to become one of the largest firms in its kind in the country.


Later, in 1961 along with Volkart of Switzerland who were one of the largest Cotton and Coffee traders in the world we formed Patel Volkart Ltd. with interest in Shipping, Travel, Cotton Ginning and trading activities. Later in 1972 there was a merger with a Tata Group Company Gokak Mills Ltd. to form Gokak Patel Volkart Ltd., which was quoted, on the Bombay Stock Exchange, and today as Forbes & Co. Ltd.

In 1974 to take over the agency businesses of  Patel Brothers, Patel Brothers Services and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (PBSE) was established. The principal products of the Company were Cottonseed/Sunflower Preprocessing Machinery in the collaboration with Muray Carver Inc. (USA) where we have over 95% of the market share in India. Industrial Barrier creams for the skin in collaboration with Kerodex Ltd. (UK). Here we have over 90% of the market share for these preparations. In all our products, we have been the pioneers starting up and building the market.


Thereafter Patel Brothers Services and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (PBSE) also entered the field of Environmental Protection with Technology from Aminodan Aps., Denmark and Hydrocal, California USA for specialized Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants particularly for oil recovery. Patel Brothers Services and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (PBSE) during that period, took over took over the entire manufacturing operations of the firm, Patel Brothers which continues as a company with a diversified portfolio of investments.


In 1987  an Export Company Patex Exports Services Pvt. Ltd. was formed for direct exports of Indian products manufactured and sourced for foreign markets


Patel Brothers Services and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (PBSE) are the exclusive authorized representatives in India for Anderson International (USA) make Oil Processing Machinery & Lummus (USA) Cotton Ginning & Pressing Machinery.

In 2014, Patel Brothers Services and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (PBSE) introduced for the first time in India with China Leader Biological Science & Technology Co., Ltd. to market in India the revolutionary, patented Technology for Degossypolisation of Cottonseed to produce Cottonseed Protein for Poultry & Aqua Feed Industry.


Patel Brothers Services and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (PBSE) is also the Marketing Partner for Cotton Micronnaire & Moisture Tester for Dr Kurup Innovations, Chennai.

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